During the past several summers, my good friend Harold and I have spent our Tuesdays bowling in a league near Reading, Pennsylvania. This summer, however, we showed up to find the doors locked and a sign that read “out of business.” Unless we wanted to spend our Tuesdays doing chores, we needed a new plan.

“What if we travel the region visiting local car venues?” I said. “Museums, collectible car dealerships, restoration shops, junkyards and anyone who has a car to show and talk about."

We still told everyone we were bowling, afraid that if our significant others found out, we’d end up with “honey do” lists. This ruse lasted only a few minutes, but their support of our “field trips” has been commendable. 

We have visited nearly 30 locations, most of them unannounced. For the most part everyone has been excited to share their stories. From the 1970 Honda that spent 15 years in a sea van, to the 1929 Packard Convertible that was in a complete rebuild; from the barn find, to the Barrett Jackson Auction purchase, every vehicle has its tale… a car tale. 

This site is dedicated to the countless stories of cars and their collectors. I’ll be sharing my stories, and I’d love to hear yours. I’ll bet others would, too.